Current Abrasives News

THOMAS ABRASIVES, which is located in Germiston Industries West, became an independent company in 1991, after being a division of Thomas Foundry for many years.

In 1984, the company decided to diversify into the production of steel abrasives.  After a licensing agreement was signed with a German manufacturer, the company began producing the first Ferrosad steel shot in Africa in 1985.

Ferrosad rapidly took a large percentage of the  local steel shot market.  By June 1985, Thomas Abrasives was exporting the product to Taiwan, and has since established itself in several of its customers requested steel grit, and after it realised there was a demand for a special steel grit used in the granite cutting industry.  Before Thomas Abrasives began producing this grit, 80 % of it had to be imported.

Extra manufacturing equipment and a new melting furnace had to be installed to meet these requirements at the company's new Smits Street premises.

Demand for its products on the export market made it necessary for the company to expand its plant again, and to install a second induction melting furnace, new heat-treatment furnaces and crushing facilities.  Demand for Thomas Abrasives products has continued to rise, necessitating further capital expenditure on an annual basis to increase sales, raise quality standards and make new products.

In 1994, the success Thomas Abrasives had in increasing exports culminated in it being awarded the State President's Award for Export Achievement.  That year it also achieved
ISO 9002 accreditation, a quality standard which continues to be maintained.

Today, Thomas Abrasives supplies major local and overseas manufacturers with steel abrasives that are manufactured to the highest international standards.

As a service, its personnel conduct free analyses of blasting operations and equipment, and make the necessary recommendations to ensure optimum performance at the lowest possible cost.  Its application specialists regularly visit its local and overseas customers, offering advice and conducting in-house training seminars free of charge.