Granite Cutting Media


THOMAS ABRASIVES has developed range of martensitic steel abrasives specially formulated for stone sawing.  This product was developed in close co-operation with  the stone sawing industry and offers the optimum balance between quality of cut and durability.  Two specialized grades - TT and TTR - are manufactured and available in three sizes.

The TT toughening treatment extends the life of THOMAS ABRASIVES stone sawing grit.  This process reduces normal grit consumption and lowers the required kilograms of grit per metre of stone cut.  Laboratory Granite Cutting Tests - measuring granite removed versus grit consumption - show that TT outperforms standard stone sawing grit.  TT performance equals other "improved" stone sawing grit.  TT performance equals other "improved" stone sawing grits.



Nominal Size Particle Shape
Angular Shot
TT25 0.71mm 100% -0-
TTR25 0.71mm 90-85% 10-15%
TT20 0.85mm 100% -0-
TTR20 0.85mm 90-85% 10-15%
TT18 1.00mm 100% -0-
TTR18 1.00mm 90-85% 10-15%


Microstructure Hardness
Uniform Martensitic Structure 62 HRC Min